«¡Hola, mundo!»

Hi, my name is Victoria, Im based on Spain and I am the proof that a woman of letters can also be a science woman.

I am a specialist in Spanish grammar, but also a multiplatform developer. Then, I specialize in the production and improvement of content in the STEAM field.

What do I do for a living?

In short, I fix problems on and for the Internet. I’m a reporter and proofreader for digital media and brands focused on technology, I work sometimes with scientist communicators. I provide consulting and assistance services, copywriting and ghostwriting, documentation, translation, data research, and reports... I also am a trainer focused on Hispanic philology, comumication and artificial intelligence. In general, I make and/or improve content because I think information is power, and I want everyone to have that power.

If you want to talk directly with me you can send me an email or look for me on social networks, but keep in mind that quite a lot of people write to me, therefore, I will only respond to those proposals that fit my schedule and interests.


_Mis clientes:

◉ Hipertextual (2016 - 2017).

◉ Gizmodo en Español (2017 - 2018).

◉ Vice España (2018).

◉ Xataka Weblogs SL (2018).

◉ Vector Divulgación (2018 - actualidad).

◉ LinkedIn Learning (2019 - actualidad).

◉ Macnificos (2020 - actualidad).